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About the Family

About the Family

LOUISVILLE , KY – (October 22, 2010) – This morning, the Lampe family of Fairdale, Kentucky, was surprised by Ty Pennington and the exuberant design team of ABC’s Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition

Jeff and Shelley Lampe, along with their six children, John, Justin, Dominic, Rita, Maria, and Angela, were “ambushed” by Ty and the designers of ABC’s Emmy award-winning show.  The elated family members were informed of their good fortune and then whisked away for a family vacation so the ‘extreme makeover’ could immediately begin on their Fairdale home. 

Joe Pusateri, president and owner of Elite Homes, Inc., said he was “honored that Elite Homes was again asked by the producers of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to build a house for the Lampe family.”  The demanding task of building the Lampe home in a week is the second ‘extreme’ challenge that the Elite Homes team has accepted.  In November 2007, Elite Homes, Inc., built a beautiful custom home for Patrick Henry Hughes and his family in just under a week in the Buechel area of Louisville, Kentucky. 

Mr. Pusateri was so moved by the community’s outpouring of support during the construction of the Hughes’ house, he had no hesitation when asked to build the Lampe family house.  Mr. Pusateri said, “It’s such a life-changing experience to be able to help a family in this way. ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ is so much more than a network television show.  This show is really about how the community can come together to help one another. When we work together to change the life of one family, we actually change our lives as well.  The Metro Louisville community is always willing to step forth and help out.  With such an outpouring of community love and support—how could Elite Homes not want to be part of such a life-changing, community event?”

Continual medical challenges have caused mounting financial struggles for the close-knit Lampe family.  The same medical issues have also greatly affected the family’s earning ability.  Although he has had to scale back on work considerably, due to numerous injuries, Jeff Lampe, 47, (suffering with a debilitating hernia and having no extra income for surgery), still manages to work as much as he can in his physically demanding tree service business.  Already struggling to deal with the loss of his left eye (from a work related injury), and partial loss of a finger, Mr. Lampe daily wraps duct tape around his hernia so he can continue to contribute to the family’s income. 

Daughter Angela, 3, has special needs. As a Down Syndrome child, there are many past and anticipated medical expenses associated with her care. Despite their medical and financial problems, the family continues to stay positive and hopeful, and is an inspiration to many.  The Lampes stress the importance of education to their children and reinforce the message through example.  Shelley Lampe, 43, works as a teacher in exchange for the children’s tuition.  The older boys also work various jobs to contribute toward their tuition at St. Xavier High School, located in Louisville, Kentucky.   They also help their father in the family tree service business after school and on weekends. 

The financial and medical setbacks do not affect the Lampes’ family quest for self-improvement, athletic endeavors and love for life and one another.  Mrs. Lampe is working on a master’s degree in child development through the University of Kentucky.  Mr. Lampe has insisted that all of the children participate in extracurricular activities.  A former high school wrestler, Mr. Lampe has encouraged John, Justin and Dominic in their wrestling activities.  Each boy has placed in state wrestling championships:  John, 16, and Justin, 14, won state championships, and Dominic, 12, placed fourth in a state championship. 

The support for the boys’ wrestling activities extends beyond encouragement and wrestling tips:  Mr. Lampe cleared out the garage, not only for his sons’ training, but to offer others boys mentoring and wrestling training facilities.  The Lampes encourage as many boys as possible to come over and use the converted garage as long as the group can safely fit in the wrestling room.  The Lampe garage is so popular, there are times when there is a line of boys waiting outside for a turn to train.

The Lampe girls’ interests are varied.   Rita, 10, loves animals, especially horses and rabbits, and would like to some day be a veterinarian. Maria, 6, is the family artist, and loves to paint, draw and work on craft projects; she is very fond of turtles, and loves finding them on the family property and caring for them.  Angela is the musician of the family and loves to sing and play on her keyboard.  She apparently has quite a sense of humor, and cites “The Three Stooges” as one of her favorite shows. 

The Lampe boys’ interests extend beyond the common thread of wrestling:  Dominic, the youngest boy, loves the outdoors, Justin enjoys woodworking, and John, the oldest sibling, likes chess and computers.  John’s scholastic accomplishments have qualified him for help with his tuition at high school.

Living in Fairdale, a community within the Louisville Metro area, affords the Lampes a beautiful rural setting with lots of space to raise six children and engage in the activities they love.  The family spends time together, hiking and participating in outdoor activities.  With all of their many activities, they still find time to eat dinner together every night.

The dream home being built by Elite Homes will ease the burden of the family; the current family house has many problems.  With no extra financial resources to remedy these problems, there are aspects of the structure that pose grave health risks.  Water seeps in and pools underneath the house after a rainstorm; the floor is literally rotting underneath the house; the foundation is unstable; the electrical service is old, with faulty sockets and wiring.

Elite Homes chose two architectural firms for design of the Lampe house.  Dominick Tringali and Associates (DTA) from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and Harker Architecture of Shelbyville, Kentucky.  Steve Harker and two of DTA’s architects will be on hand in for the build.  The firms were chosen by Elite Homes due to the extensive and unique nature of the build and experience.

The frenzied construction begins on Friday, October 22nd, and culminates on Thursday, October 28th, when the Lampes will return from their vacation to a new house and crowds of well-wishers from the community and beyond encouraging the driver to “Move That Bus!”

          During the build, the public can monitor progress 24-hours a day by visiting the website: www.EliteBuiltHomes.com